Selling your business

The only reason to go into business is to eventually sell it. The time, energy, skill and capital invested into your business needs to generate a financial return for you via an exit.

There are many ways of exiting your business. You can sell it. You can merge it with another business. You can go through an IPO in some cases and you can also pass it on to a family member.

Most business owners exit their businesses via a sale, either to a competitor, a new market entrant, a financial buyer or an individual or individuals, either inside the business already or external.

Sadly, only 1 in 13 small businesses that try to sell, actually do. Most business owners are just not ready. Their businesses are not professionally prepared for sale or groomed to a level whereby the business is highly attractive to a buyer. Your business is going to mean something different to everyone that wants to buy it. As such, your potential buyer will value your business accordingly.

We will project manage your entire business selling process. We will work with you to determine why you want to sell and to who, since not all buyers are created equal. A competitor will value your business much higher than an individual, however, selling to a competitor is a longer process and contains more risk. We will advise and counsel you on your full range of options.

We work with you to groom your business so that it’s highly attractive to your preferred buyer type, before marketing your business for sale in a controlled, professional process. We will create all the deal marketing documents, control the flow of business information, arrange meetings and solicit offers before advising you on the best options.

Once we have negotiated your heads-of-terms or LOI to sell your business, we will project manage the entire process to completion including due diligence and legal process.

For a confidential discussion about your exit strategy, please contact us.