Training Courses

At Ninja Acquisitions, we are happy to manage the entire process for you. If you are buying a business, selling a business or even raising capital to either start a business, or expand an existing business, we will expertly drive and manage the entire process for you, protecting and advising you every step of the way.

If you want to learn how to do this yourself, we will also train, coach and mentor you through the process via our signature courses.

The Business Buying Accelerator

How to create a deal specification that aligns with your strategic “why”, location, sector and wealth creation goals.
How to originate both on-market and off-market deals from individual sellers, large corporates spinning off unwanted, micro subsidiaries and investors carrying out portfolio rationalisation.
How to make approaches and handle effective and engaging buyer = seller meetings.
How to solicit business information to make an offer.
How to structure a deal, from closing payment to seller finance, earn outs and inheriting existing debt on the balance sheet.
How to finance your closing payment using debt, equity, grant funding and government backed assistance (SBA).
How to negotiate your offer and letter-of-intent (LOI).
The importance of exclusivity to transact the deal.
Why due diligence is critical in buying a business and why you should never do it yourself.
The legal contract process and how the cash flows through the deal.
How to close the deal and transfer the business ownership from the seller to you, the buyer.

Ready Prep Sell (coming soon)

If you want to sell your business and want to understand the entire process involved, Ready Prep Sell was designed for you. It’s a six-module, interactive training program and system that will:

Allow you to determine why you want to sell your business and to who? (Not all buyers are created equal).
How to grow and groom your business for sale and to ensure that your business will work without you inside of it.
How to forecast your business performance and how to create a pitch book so that buyers can understand how it works and its growth potential.
How deal structures work and how much your business is worth to every buyer that wants to buy it.
How to take your business to market, hold engaging and willing buyer = willing seller meetings and the process of soliciting offers.
How to select the “best buyer” for your business based on your selling criteria.
How the deal gets transacted, from exclusivity to due diligence, legal contracts and closing.